Life as an apprentice in the SEO industry

If you we’re to mention the term SEO (search engine optimisation) to me 5 months ago, I would give you a blank facial expression.  4 months ago I joined i3media as an apprentice, I knew little about SEO and how much of a powerful role it plays within search engines, I never really questioned why and how the results were forged when searching for a query within Google.chess

However, this is what I have to say on the topic.

I consider SEO like a game of chess, you have to outplay the competition in a logical way, but this cannot be done, unless you have a solid strategy, and predict your opponent moves.  At times it can be a challenge, but I guess that’s what I love about it. The challenge and the sense of achievement when you get your client to the top of page one, for their key terms.

Google-panda-and-penguin-updateI came into the industry around the time everything was evolving. The penguin and panda updates were recently implemented and I could see there was uproar within the SEO community; there were many complaining, but only a few welcoming the fact, that things had to change, to get rid of the companies that had mischievous ways of getting up in the rankings. I learnt companies did this by cloaking, buying 1000’s of exact match anchor text back links, and other various ways.

In a way I suppose the evolving of SEO within the last year has given me an advantage, due to the fact that I never used the old black hat methods of SEO. This means I won’t be more inclined to go back to any old methods of SEO, purely on the fact that I know it does more harm than good.

Within the past four months I have worked with i3Media, I have learnt a lot of different ways to create diverse links, pointing back to client’s websites. I may not have years of experience, or be an SEO expert. But what I do have is a creative mind and motivation to get results!